Oh teacher of Qurān

Do not fracture the spirits of those who yearn to memorize the noble words of Ar-Rahmān

It breaks my heart, Oh teacher of Qurān

That students are rejected and chased, due to their reading that is not up to your standards, or their progress that is not at a fast pace

Take head, Oh Teacher of Qurān

Do you not realize that they have been specifically chosen by Al-Mannān

Numerous children memorize the Quran before they are able to read

Was it not that the illiterate companions’ memorization was so profound, that they were more than capable to lead

Learn from our first teacher, the best of mankind who memorized and taught by being illiterate too

Are you more concerned about only a single verse in the sight of your Madrasah

Or is that one verse in the sight of Allah (SWT) more important to you

~ GkW

Tremendous love


We claim that we have tremendous love

Lo, only will we comprehend it’s true meaning when we recognize our creator above

We tend to please the creation instead of the creator

How is it that we forget the one who truly is greater

Our hearts posess the things we see

Do we not know that for those things to come into existence,

he only says be!

He is the one who is more merciful to us than our own mothers

Yet, we prefer to turn to others

Lets open our eyes and recognize our creator above

For our hearts should be encompassed by his tremendous love


The first, The last, The everlasting

The one who’ll remain after the demolition of the last person and thing


The most merciful and the most beneficent

For us to enter paradise, his mercy is sufficient


The one who hears and sees everything

The one who knows what we reveal and what we hide within


The most majestic and the most high

The one who’ll roll up the heavens and earth when we all die


The one who protects us and all that we own

With the All-Mighty by our side, we’ll never have to feel alone


The Oft-Forgiving, who’s waiting for our call

To him we should turn to whenever we fall


The one who bestows and provides in ways we cannot perceive

Is it not our duty to be grateful to him for all that we receive


The one who showers us with blessings from above

He truly is the creator and posesser of tremendous love

~ GkW



Do we not see when the two oceans meet,

the barrier between them, they do not exceed

No matter how high the tide,

they do not cross to the other side

Is it not that the creation should learn from the creator

or are there people amongst ourselves that think they are greater

Do we not see when the birds fly up high,

never do they exceed beyond the sky

Beautifuly fashioned with powerful wings

Yet they do not get to see the king of all kings

Is it not that the creation should learn from the creator

or are there people amongst ourselves that think they are greater

Why is it that we tend to do as we please

even if an individual disagrees

Do we not know that everyone has their limits

or do we care more about our own habits

All of us are created unique

Some are strong

while others are weak

Some would express

while others wouldn’t speak

We are all created with our own differences

Therefore we should respect each others preferences

Is it not that the creation should learn from the creator

or are there people amongst ourselves that think they are greater

Our Creator does not love those who transgress

Let us not be amongst them, if we want success

Life it’s self is limited

Therefore certain things are prohibited

Is it not that the creation should learn from the creator

or are there people amongst ourselves that think they are greater

Set your boundaries oh special one

Trespassing is where disrespect and abuse begun

The moment you are afraid of what others may think

you might be disrespected in a single blink

It is our duty to set the limits of our tolerance

For people tend to transgress due to ignorance

Be amongst the creation that learn from the creator

and know that there can never be anyone greater

~ GkW

The shy, introverted me


An ocean resides within my head

but only droplets of spit meets my lips

I’m a lioness, afraid to raw!

I know I’m suppose to scare mice

but I decide to compete with them instead

I’m the “quiet girl” in a crowd

Not that I’m unaware of my surroundings

I just don’t communicate out loud

I observe

I learn

I connect..


I might not spur up a conversation

but my mind is where my socialising begin

When I do speak

walls become faces

and all ears seem weak

As soon as eyes are set on me

my body trembles

and my confidence starts to flee

Honestly, I dislike having these ways

but I’m still learning how to release my waves

Believe me

I’ve tried it before..

..many times, to tell you the truth

but perhaps I am just meant to swim alone

I mean, it’s my ocean

Isn’t it?

Forgive me for seeming selfish

I just don’t think it’s fair that being an introvert, shy or both, is despised

Yes, human beings speak

but does that mean they can’t be silent?

I mean..

..birds fly

but that doesn’t mean they can’t walk

As for me

I have a voice

but I hardly speak

If I don’t stammer some words on to the ground,

I choose to write

I guess some people would describe me as a tortoise

Not only because I’m known to hide in my shell

I like to do things on my own time aswell

As frustrating as it may be

That’s the shy, introverted me.

~ GkW

Discover your purpose


She is soft in nature

Born that way

But when life shook hands with her,

She became rigid and stern

On the inside, she is very delicate

but outside, she is completely firm

She believed that she would never go wrong

She took pride in her shield,

thinking that she was unbreakable and strong.

One day..

.. she cracked

Her insides collapsed..

..splattered all over the place!

She was petrified!

Her strength and power belonged in her shield,

which was now in pieces

She was broken and seemed worthless

That moment, she thought her purpose came to an end..

..no longer having her shield,

not even a close friend

Only then she realised,

she is just an unincubated egg who never got the opportunity to hatch

No, she didn’t become who she wanted to be


..time passed by and she was elevated

She found her strength and it had nothing to do with her shield

Rather, it resides within herself..

..and even along with those little dusty pieces, she still became the perfect omelette

That is when she discovered her purpose.

~ GkW



Should I say it, should I speak

I yearn to do it, but I feel too weak

Noisy, mind-numbing words like a tape recorder in her head

What she should have done..what she should have said.

Her mind is a rainbow, but her colours lay low

Allowing opportunities to come then go

She’s not the Caterpillar that she’s made out to be

She’s the most colourful butterfly needing to be set free

Fly..My darling, fly!

Rise your colours beyond the sky

~ GkW